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Athens, Athenian Riviera, Region Attica - A 365 day destination

The Greek capital city Athens is not only famous for the "Acropolis" but is also an attractive destination any time of the year. If you visit Athens, you should take enough time to discover also Attica - the region of the eternal, bright Attic light.

Athens is a modern cosmopolitan hub that has it all: A rich culture, a long history, and a mild climate; one that possesses an unfading allure, attracting tourists from all over the world and promising a memorable stay whether as a short break or a longer trip. Whether you travel for business or for pleasure, Athens is the perfect choice for mixing these two, any time of the year!

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What are Athens and the Attica region really about?

The most of the visitors really don´t know that Athens is not only the "cradle of democracy", is not only "Acropolis with the Parthenon" - a world-renowed UNESCO world heritage site.

Athens is too big and to fascinating. There is no point trying to somehow ‘define’ the town. It is simply too full of contrasts. Athens and Attica are about modernity and antiquity, chaos and tranquillity, the hard life and the good life. In the centre, modern buildings stand next to antiquities. There’s noise; there’s traffic, but in every neighbourhood parks of all sizes offer oases of tranquillity. In the summer, the smell of blossoming orange trees and jasmine flowers fill the air, even in the centre of Athens. The new Attiki Odos motorway allows you to cross the suburbs at 100 km per hour, but a stone’s throw away from that same motorway you may have to stop your car to let a herd of sheep pass. Food can be bought in huge supermarkets in the suburbs and fancy delicatessen shops in the centre, but also in the street markets where farmers sell their biological produce. The ‘typical’ Athenian works long hours and is continuously ‘running’, but will also always find a moment to have a coffee or an evening out with friends. You can eat out in trendy Japanese and the best Michelin-starred Greek restaurants or in little neighbourhood eateries and seaside tavernas – in either case you’re in for a treat. Traditions are celebrated by young and old alike, but check out the boutiques in Kolonaki and get a taste of the nightlife in the centre of Athens and in the seaside suburbs, and you’ll realise that Athens and the area around it are trendy as any other European capital.

All these odd but fascinating contrasts make visiting Athens and Attica such a joy. There’s something for every personality, for every mood, for every age and for every budget. When you visit Athens, simply embrace the contrasts and be prepared for a bundle of surprises. Enjoy the thrill of the unknown, and you will feel right at home.

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